University of York, Department of ElectronicsWelcome to the website of the York – Zhejiang Lab for Cognitive Radio and Green Communications.  This joint venture between University of York and Zhejiang University capitalises on the research and development work and associated expertise of both institutions.  The cognitive radio aspects of our work deal with delivery of innovative ways to share the radio spectrum, particularly through application of distributed artificial intelligence, to allow radios to learn about their local environment.  Our work on ‘green’ communications aims to reduce the amount of energy consumed by wireless devices in both their production and in day-to-day operation.  This is becoming increasingly necessary, given the burgeoning environmental impact of wireless communications sector, and thirst for ever increasing data rates, which without changes in technology will require unsustainable amounts of energy.  Lately, we are merging these two fields and investigating the concept of Green Cognitive radio, that exploits the use of distributed artificial intelligence to reduce energy consumption.


Dr David Grace and Prof Honggang Zhang,
Co-Directors York – Zhejiang Lab for Cognitive Radio and Green Communications